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Can I collect the products to avoid shipping costs?
You can collect the products directly in our warehouses, we will only charge the cost of preparation. The warehouse of the Italian brands is located in Sassuolo (Italy), the warehouse of the Spanish brands is located in Castellon de la Plana (Spain). Remember that the products will be prepared on pallets and we can only load them on trucks.
How can I collect my order?
Reach our warehouses with the transport document you received by email and you can collect your order.
What truck should I use to collect my order?
You must collect your order with a truck suitable for the dimensions and total weight of the products you have purchased. Trucks that can be loaded from the side and rear are accepted. Orders are delivered on sealed pallet and it’s not possible to open it to load single packages of products.
Is it possible to collect with a car?
No, it’s never possible to collect by car
When can I collect my order?
You can collect your order within 10 days of receiving our email containing the collection document. If you collect late, we charge you storage costs of €50/pallet per week.
How to access the warehouse?
You can access the warehouse on board your truck and it’s recommended to wear safety shoes and clothing. It is strictly forbidden to walk inside the warehouse and we are not responsible in case of damage to things or people.
How long do I have to wait to load my order?
It depends on the quantity of orders that the warehouse needs to load. Generally waiting times are 30-60 minutes.
Who loads my order onto the truck?
In our warehouses there are forklifts and people capable of loading your truck
Who is responsible for loading my order onto the truck?
You are responsible for your order from the moment we deliver it to you. We help you in the loading phases with your verbal authorization and you are responsible in case of damage to one or more products.
One or more products are broken. Who is responsible?
We check each product very carefully before delivering it to you. From the moment you collect your order you are responsible for any breakage that may occur during the journey.